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» Four Beverages To Avoid On Your Diet

isotonic-sports-drinksAs you go about the process of trying to lose body fat and reach your goal weight, one thing that you must be making sure that you’re paying close attention to at all times is the beverages that you’re consuming.

Many people are very good about watching the foods that they’re eating on a daily basis, but completely neglect to think about what they’re drinking as well.

If you’re taking in calories from liquids, they are definitely going to count and can add up quickly without you realizing it.   A few poor beverage choices and you are definitely going to be noticing the effects.

Let’s take a quick look at four beverages that you’ll want to avoid as you go about your diet plan.

Fruit Juice

First up on the list of beverages to avoid is fruit juice.  Fruit juice is a poor choice because it’s essentially 100% sugar and will spike blood glucose just as much as a regular can of soda would. Plus, it’s also very calorie dense.

Per cup of fruit juice, you’re typically looking at 100-120 calories, so this can really tack on quite the number to your day if you’re drinking two cups or more.

Instead, opt for real fruit. It’s lower in calories and will provide you with dietary fiber as well.

Gourmet Coffee

Moving along, the second beverage to avoid is gourmet coffee.  While you may love the energy boosting benefits you get from having this first thing in the morning, don’t discount the calories it contains from all the added sugars along with fat from cream.

And if there’s whip cream, you might as well label it as a dessert.  Stay away if weight control is the name of your game.

Fruit Smoothies

Fruit smoothies are yet another big diet offender that you want to be careful about.  Fruit smoothies are often prepared with yogurt or ice cream, frozen fruit, milk or cream, and may also contain other ingredients or sugars.

All in all, they can easily pack in at least 300 or more calories per smoothie, so as you can imagine, aren’t really something that is going to provide the high-quality nutrition it needs for fat loss.

Plus, they’re often lacking in protein, so won’t help you reach your goals on that front either.


Finally, the last beverage that you’ll want to stay clear from if you hope to achieve success on your fat loss diet is alcohol.  Alcohol is very problematic because as soon as it enters your system, all fat burning is going to come to a halt.

Alcohol also contains empty calories – and seven calories per gram at that, so it can quickly put you over your daily total.

So there you have four of the top beverages that you should steer clear from as you go about your fat loss diet.  Are you letting any of these slip into your plan?


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