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» Primary Reasons For Back Pain From Exercise

If you’re currently suffering from back pain or have suffered before and are very concerned about recurring back pain, it’s important that you understand what the primary causes of back pain are in many workout programs so that you can be sure that these never become a factor for you.

Many people do experience back pain at some point or another and in some situations, it can become very chronic and debilitating.

Let’s have a look at what these reasons are so that you know where to start to stay away from this whole issue.

Shoulder Press

The first exercise that will cause back pain to develop is the shoulder press if done improperly. What you need to remember with this one is to always keep the abs tight as you press the weight above the head because if you allow them to relax, there is a much greater chance that you may start to adopt a sway back.

Do this and you will be in pain in no time.

Think of squeezing the abs and keeping the bum tight. This will shift your hips in the proper position and reduce the chances that this occurs.

Lying Leg Raise Movements

Second, take note of your positioning while you’re doing lying leg raises as well. If you allow the upper back to come up off the floor as your legs near the floor, you’re placing great strain on the entire spinal column.

You really need to think of squeezing and contracting the abs at all times when doing this exercise in order to keep that back pressed flat into the floor.

This will not only help you avoid suffering from lower back pain, but also improve the workout that you get for those core muscles as well. It’s a win-win when you do this exercise properly.

Bent Over Rows

Next, also check your form on bent over rows. One mistake that some people make is allowing the back to curve as they lower the weight downwards.

This needs to be avoided. Instead, think of keeping the back flat like a table top at all times. Focus on squeezing directly through the shoulder blades, rather than pulling the weight up with the waist so that you stay in a fixed stationary position at all times.

The more upper body movement you have with this exercise (apart from the arms of course), the more chances that back pain will occur for you.


Finally, also check your form when doing squats. If you’re adopting too forward of a lean, this is also going to be cause for back pain.

When squatting, keep the eyes looking directly forwards or even slightly upward at all times. This will help you maintain a better upright position and should help you reduce how much strain you’re placing on the lower back.

If you’re really struggling to do this, that could be a sign that you’re lifting too much weight, so keep that in mind as well.

So have a quick look over your workout program and make sure these aren’t coming into play for you. If they are, make some adjustments before you become sidelined with an injury.


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