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» Eating Healthy While On Holiday

If you’re about to go on a much deserved holiday and are looking forward to all the fun activities about to come your way, one issue that may be causing a slight amount of anxiety is what you’re going to be eating while away.

Eat the wrong foods and you’ll be facing some weight gain when you return. Since this is clearly not something most people want to experience, it’s going to be vital that you put some steps into place to ensure that this doesn’t happen to you.

Let’s go over the key points to remember so that you can still maintain a decent eating plan while away on holiday and return back to your normal program after vacation ready to make progress forwards, not do damage control.

Choose One Meal To Indulge In

Chances are while on holiday you are going to want to indulge a little in the different food options available. After all, you are on holiday and holidays are meant to enjoy yourself.

As long as you practice some control and moderation, you definitely can treat yourself to the odd food that you really want without seeing weight gain result.

A good strategy to use is to select one meal in which you’ll treat yourself at each day. If you can keep the rest of the meals very clean and healthy, this will reduce the chances that you take in too many calories but instead, at the end of the day, it’ll all balance out.

Then when you eat that food that you’re choosing to indulge in, make sure to eat a reasonable portion.  Don’t let yourself get out of control as how much you eat is just as important as what you’re eating.

As long as the calorie balance is correct at the end of the day, you won’t gain weight.

Stick To Lean Proteins And Vegetables

imagesThe second strategy to keep in mind as you aim to eat healthy while on holiday is for the rest of the meals during the day, stick as much as possible to just lean protein and vegetables.

Since there’s a good chance that fats will be added during the cooking process of these proteins and vegetables, you’ll want to keep carbs out of the picture as much as possible to create that ‘wiggle’ room for those added fat calories.

Again, it’s all about calorie balance.

Protein and vegetable based meals also tend to control hunger best, so this will allow you to maintain a reduced calorie intake while away.

Get A Suite With A Kitchen
Finally, the last quick tip to remember is to try, if you can, to get a suite with a kitchen. If you can eat at least one meal in your room where you’re staying, then you will have complete control over what goes into that meal.

At least then you know that one meal of the day is going to be directly in line with your normal diet plan.

So there you have a few quick tips to remember. If you’re smart in your approach, you definitely do not need to be facing a high amount of weight gain when you return back from your holiday.


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