» Top 7 Low-Carb Diet Mistakes

A low-carb diet involves limiting foods like grains/breads, starchy vegetables, and fruit in the range of 50 to 150 grams per day. Instead, you’ll get most of your calories from protein and fat. Many people go on a low-carb diet to lose weight or reduce their risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes and metabolic syndrome. The idea is that excess intake of starch causes the body to store glucose as fat. If you’re on one of these diets, look out for these sneaky blood-sugar-spiking foods and condiments…

Rice Cakes – With 8 grams of carbs in two, rice cakes may not seem that bad, but again, they cause blood sugars to spike dramatically.

Light Bologna – Even though there are virtually no carbs in bologna, you have to remember there are still fillers, nitrates and sugars.

Hummus – Remember to calculate at least 20 g of carbs if you’re indulging – even if the package says 7 grams of carb per 2 tbsp.

Light Ranch Dressing – Your blood glucose levels will spike when you choose this dip, even though the bottle claims there is just 3 grams of carbs per 2 tbsp.

Peanut Butter – There are only 7 grams of carb per 2 tbsp serving, but it’s easy to scoop out way more than that if you are not careful about your portion control.

Cocktail Sauce – Like Teriyaki sauce, you will notice your BG level catapulted sky-high, even if it does say there is only 7 grams per 2 tbsp.

Bacon Bits – Despite a reading of 2 carbs in 1.5 tablespoons, you may notice your blood sugar spike after eating this.

Many foods contain sugars and “starch fillers” that can sabotage your diet, even in the absence of actual carbs. In addition to the foods mentioned, powdered coffee creamer, chewing gum, lunch meats, sausages, egg substitutes and low-fat foods are all culprits for this phenomenon. In addition to eating the wrong foods, other eating habits may derail your diet. Be sure you are eating every four hours and keeping your calorie counts under control. You also have to be careful not to eat too few carbs or you will feel sluggish and fatigued.

It’s also important to consider that, even if you follow your low-carb diet perfectly, it is not a good overall plan for long-term weight loss and health. Studies show that people were able to lose 9 pounds over 2 years by switching to a low-carb diet, but the results are comparable to other diets that had higher carbs. It’s believed that the increase in protein and cutting of calories on low-carb diets are what has the biggest impact on weight loss.


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