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» Sneaky Ways To Trick Yourself Into Being More Motivated

As you get going with your health and fitness program, one thing that you are going to have to make sure you’re staying on top of is your motivational levels.  It’s imperative that you take steps to ensure that you are motivated every step of the way because as soon as your motivational levels falter, that’s when foods you shouldn’t be eating will start to creep up into your diet plan and workouts may start to be skipped.

Fortunately, there are a few sneaky tricks that you can use to keep yourself motivated for the long-haul. Try these and you’ll have no more issues keeping up with your workout program and diet plan.

Do Just One More

When in the gym next time and you feel like you just can’t make it through your next set, consider promising that you just have to do one rep. If you do the single rep, chances are you will continue on from there as you’ll instantly feel more energized and ‘into’ it.

For most people, it’s just getting going that’s the hard part.

Likewise, if it’s getting to the gym in the first place that you struggle with, tell yourself that you only have to go for just 10 minutes. Then if you want to leave, you can. Most people, once there, will stay for the full session.

Wait It Out

When it comes to food cravings, this is where things get tricky. Food cravings can quickly derail even the most determined dieter, so it’s imperative that you have a plan of combat.

One of the best ways to kill those cravings fast is to simply wait it out.  Tell yourself that you must wait 10 minutes before giving in to that craving and if you still want it at that point, then you can have it.  But not until 10 minutes is up.

By the time that time period has passed, most people will find that they no longer want that food in the first place.

Make It Competitive

Finally, the third way to enhance your motivational levels so that you can see greater success with keeping your motivational levels high is to make a little competition out of it.  Get together with a friend or workout partner and set a race to reach a certain goal – winner has to buy the other dinner.

Sometimes a little friendly competition is all you need to get yourself motivated and right back on track again.

So there you have the primary points to keep in mind. Motivation is something that does tend to lull from time to time, but as long as you stay on top of things and implement techniques to deal with this, it shouldn’t become an issue for you.


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