» Recognizing The Benefits Of A Low Carb Diet

healthy carbs - fitnessAs you go about trying to select a diet plan to use, it’s important that you come to understand the pros and cons that each approach brings. It’s important that you give each type a fair consideration before hopping onto one specific plan so that you can be sure whatever choice you make is going to be ideal for you.Let’s take a look at a few of the top benefits that a low carb diet plan can bring so that you know what you’ll be in for if you go this route.

Hunger Control

The very first benefit that you’re going to see when you go on a low carb diet plan is a good amount of hunger control.  Hunger is something that many dieters do struggle with and can be what causes them to fall off their program entirely, so the hunger control benefits provided by a low carb diet are typically very welcomed.

Carbohydrates do tend to promote additional hunger levels while dietary fat calms hunger, which is why this diet tends to be so well for managing this negative side effect of being in a calorie deficit.

Rapid Weight Loss To Start

The next big benefit that you’ll see when you adopt a low carb approach is that rapid weight loss will begin to occur. While this typically isn’t fat weight you’re losing, but rather you’re losing water weight, it can really serve to be highly motivating for many people.

If you feel very excited about the amount of weight you’re losing after starting up on the low carb diet, this could be enough to ensure that you carry on with the plan.

That in turn helps you see the long term results that you’re looking for.

Stable Blood Glucose And Energy Levels

Moving along, next up on the list of benefits that the low carb diet provides is more stabilized blood glucose and energy levels.  Since you won’t get the spikes to your blood sugar levels as you normally would if you were eating a high carb plan, this can help keep you on a more even keel all day long.

Since when blood sugar level falls you experience a dramatic energy low, this also means that you’ll experience stabilized energy levels all day long.

For those who often find that blood sugar lows leave them irritable, cranky, hunger, and feeling very weak and lightheaded, this will, without a doubt, be a powerful benefit that you can’t afford to overlook.

So there you have some of the primary benefits that a low carb diet will bring you.  If you choose to use this diet, you will manage hunger, lose weight at a good pace, and control cravings while helping you see fat loss success.

» Working Out While On A Low Carb Diet

If you’ve decided to adopt a low carb diet plan as you go about your weight loss program, there are some important adjustments that you’re going to need to make to your workouts as well.Low carb diets do have a specific workout protocol you need to follow as they are the most restrictive diet out there in terms of what you can handle physically.

Let’s go over what you need to know.

Time The Carbs You Do Eat

The very first thing that you should be doing is making sure that you time your carbs well.  Depending on the low carb diet approach you’re using, if you are going to be eating some carbs – say 40-50 grams per day, place the vast majority of these right around any workouts you’re doing.

This is going to provide your body with the fuel source it needs to get through intense workouts, which will help to boost the performance that you give and make the workouts more comfortable to do as well.

Intense exercise can only use glucose as a fuel source, so without those carbs, your workouts are going to be lacking in intensity.

Limit Intense Interval Cardio Training

The second thing that you must make sure you’re doing is not overdoing interval cardio training. Again, this type of training is going to rely as glucose as a primary fuel source and if you’re not eating many carbs in your program, you’re not giving your body this fuel it needs.

As such, you could start to burn up lean muscle mass if you aren’t careful. Not to mention the intervals are going to feel next to impossible to do, and likely bring about a high amount of muscle fatigue.

Keep Your Workout Volume Reasonable

Finally, the third thing to know when planning a workout program on a lower carb diet is that you must make sure to keep the total volume at a reasonable level.

Avoid doing too many reps and sets as this is what will really be very glycogen depleting, which will then make it harder for you to exercise in coming sessions.  Unless you’re eating a high amount of carbs to replace that muscle glycogen, you’re going to be in for performance problems later on.

High volume workout programs demand a high carb diet plan to fuel them, so you must be taking this into account.

So there you have the primary points that you need to consider and remember at all times as you go about your workout program on the low carb diet.  You definitely can still complete the necessary workouts you need to maintain your fitness level and see good muscle maintenance while dieting, you just need to understand how to make smart adjustments to the approach to accommodate the diet you’re using.