Superset And Triset Training To Save Time During Your Workouts

If you’re about to get started on a workout program, one thing that you will definitely want to be thinking about is your time management during the actual session that you do.

With so many people struggling to keep up with their plans due to the fact that they just are not carving out the hours in the day to get to the gym, it’s important to create fast yet effective sessions.

One of the absolute best ways to do this is by using superset and triset training. This training technique will quickly take your stale old gym workouts, boost the intensity so that you see better results, while also helping to ensure that you get in and out in record time.

Let’s have a quick peek at how to go about adding these correctly.

Superset Training

When adding superset training, there are a few choices to keep in mind here.  Some people will prefer to use this form of training on their isolation exercises to really fatigue a certain body region, while others will prefer to use it on compound movements if they’ve already cut isolation exercises out.

Since isolation exercises really don’t offer much ‘bang for your buck’ in terms of progress for time invested, you really don’t need them in the program.

But that said, a superset of compound exercises is incredibly intense, so it’s a must that you don’t overdo it.

If you are going to use supersets for compound movements, your best bet is to consider doing this for an upper and lower body exercise at the same time, rather than two upper or two lower body movements.

This will help reduce the level of fatigue you feel so that you can maintain the desired amount of weight lifted.

Triset Training

Moving along, the second set of training is triset training. This training is also very intense and will often involve two upper body movements along with one lower body movement or vice versa.

In most cases you also will use two compound movements with one isolation move added in, so these are very intense to add to your workout protocol.

For example, you might do a lunge followed by a bench press followed by a tricep extension.

By the time you get to the tricep extension you will be in a state of maximum fatigue, really pushing this muscle to the max.

Maintaining Balance

So as you go about adding these to your workout program, the most important thing that you must remember at all times is to make sure that you maintain good balance in your program. It’s imperative that you don’t do all exercises using this format or you will burn out rapidly.

Instead, keep a few straight sets in the approach and add one or two supersets or trisets in to help save time and boost your success. If you do that, you’re headed for progress.