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Food for Thought

After you’ve finished putting together the brand new workout program that you’re going to be following to help you get leaner and build muscle mass, you need to think about what you’re going to be eating immediately following those workouts.

Post-workout nutrition is critical to success and those who miss out on it are going to take longer to recovery and are more likely to feel fatigued and sore the rest of the day.

Fortunately, post-workout nutrition doesn’t have to be something that’s tricky to figure out as long as you know a few of the key tips to have in place.

Let’s go over what you need to know about post-workout nutrition.

Get In A Fast Absorbing Source Of Protein

First, you’ll want to make sure that you’re providing the body with the amino acids that it’s going to need to start the repair and recovery process.  Amino acids are what muscle tissues are built from, so these are going to help to form the structural foundation for new muscle cells.

Since you want to get those amino acids to the muscles as fast as possible, you want to go with a protein source that’s going to absorb rapidly.

The best options are a whey isolate protein powder or egg whites.  Both of these will hit the muscles at top speeds.

Add Some Simple Carbs

Second, to that protein you want to add some simple carbs.  It’s okay – even preferable, to eat simple carbs at this point of the day because your goal is to spike insulin since that is what will drive the nutrients into the muscle cells more effectively.

The best simple carbs most people use are dextrose or maltodextrine as they can easily be mixed right in with your protein powder.

If you prefer a food-form of simple carbs, that’s fine as well and white bread, white bagels, or sugary cereal will all work great as well.

Balance Them Out With Complex Carbs

To those simple carbs, you’ll want to add in a few complex carbs. This will prevent a sharp blood glucose crash after the simple carbs are absorbed, which would leave you feeling shaky and light headed.

So that bowl of cereal, add some bran flakes.  Or have a bowl of oatmeal along with that slice of toast you’re eating with jelly.

Minimize Fat

Finally, the last thing to consider is that you’ll also want to minimize the amount of fat that you’re eating in this meal.  Fat is only going to slow down the process, making it take longer for you to recover and feel well again.

Try and keep this meal as fat free as possible and you’ll be easily able to repair and rebuild your muscles at top rates.

So there you have the most important points to know about post-workout nutrition. Make sure that you are missing out on eating well after your workout so that you can see the fastest recovery and results possible.