» Easy Ways To Sneak Oats Into Your Day

Oats are a perfect carbohydrate source for those who are either aiming to lose fat or build muscle. If fat loss is what you seek, then you’ll want to serve them up cooked because they are a high volume food that will make you feel like you’re taking in more calories than you really are.

If muscle gain is your game plan, serve them raw as they are then very calorie dense and will allow you to get in more total calories without the feeling of being stuffed after your meal.

Aren’t quite sure how to include them in your day however? Here are some simple and highly effective methods that will allow you to get them in.

Raw Oats

When it comes to serving raw oats, the options are really endless. You can serve them up cold like you would any other breakfast cereal or simply blend them right into your protein shakes.

Or, prepare them as turkey or beef burgers, mixing them with an egg and extra lean ground turkey or beef.

Or perhaps you might consider toasting them and topping them over Greek yogurt along with some dried berries for added calories.

Raw oats can also be prepared easily into bars by simply adding some nut butter, honey, and protein power. These can be taken on the go and eaten when you need the calorie support.

The nice thing about oats is that they will provide a lasting source of carbs, so will help you keep your insulin in check so you build muscle rather than gain fat.

Cooked Oats

Now, if weight loss is your primary objective, you’ll want to eat them cooked.  Serve them topped with half a sliced banana, some sugar free maple syrup, and a few pecans for a delicious treat that will keep you well fueled throughout the morning when served with a protein source.

Or, you could stir in some unsweetened applesauce, sprinkle on some cinnamon, and then top with walnuts.

Don’t think that you have to serve oats for breakfast either. They can also double as a side dish to any one of your dinner meals. Cook up a batch of oatmeal and then let stand before stiring in just a few dried cranberries and some unsweetened coconut for healthy fats.

This works great on the side of a chicken breast or piece of fish.

So there you have some fast and easy ways to get in oatmeal. It’s a perfect carb source for any diet, so make sure you aren’t overlooking it.