» 3 Killer Lower Body Sequences

Want to slim down your lower half? Looking for a tighter backside? Want to improve your strength and power capability? If so, you need to be smart with your lower body training. When it comes to lower body workouts, intensity needs to be the name of your game.

The more intense your workout is, the faster you will see the firming that you desire taking place. The following sequences will give you just that.

Do these next time you’re headed to the gym for a lower body workout session and you can see the success that you’re after.

Squats Followed By Walking Lunges

The first sequence to consider is full squats and then immediately going into the walking lunge. Walking lunge are a great endurance building exercise and the squats will test your strength, so these two lend very well together.

As you do these, just make sure that you are keeping your abs tight as you lunge as your core will be fatigued from doing the squats.

Leg Extensions Followed By Jump Squats

Next, another killer sequence to try if you really want to bring out quad definition is some leg extensions and the moving directly into jump squats.

Leg extensions are a perfect quad isolation movement that will help you really enhance your lower body strength and power. While squats do tend to be the optimal strength builder as they are compound movement, don’t overlook what some isolation exercises can offer.

The key here is to build the intensity even higher and after you perform the leg extension, go right into a jump squat. Jump squats are a plyometric exercise, so will call upon your power and strength capability and by doing this while you’re already in that fatigued state from the leg extension, you really take your intensity up a notch.

Deadlifts Followed By Bridges

Finally, the last sequence to consider trying out is the deadlifts followed by the bridge. Because deadlifts will call for you to lift a maximum weight, they are excellent for muscular fatigue. Then to move into the bridge, which is typically done with just your body weight, you will finish off the muscles, fully exhausting them.

Do this sequence and you should see some serious definition forming in your backside region.

So don’t suffer through bland and boring workouts any longer. Do these and you will see immediately improvements in your strength and definition.