Seasonal Workouts

seasonal workoutChanging your workouts every season can help reduce boredom and keep things fresh, leaving you energized and motivated to stay interested in working out.

Try adding something new each season, Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.

The colder weather might keep you inside and out of the elements. In the winter you want to spend a little bit more time warming up then you usually do. The cold outside can make your muscles tight and unwilling to move. So it is really important to achieve a high degree of flexibility throughout your body if you want to stay injury free. If you do step out to do an outside exercise, make sure you are layered in clothing. The first layer should be of a material that absorbs sweat. The outermost layer should be wind and water proof. Enjoy some winter sports as well. They offer a fun way to get in some exercise. Ice skating and skiing are both winter activities that burn lots of calories. Getting to the gym to do your workout will also help to fight those winter blues. Add in some swimming or water aerobics at your gym or your local pool is something different to keep you interested. Talk to your trainer to give you some good suggestions for water fitness. Keeping fit during the winter will also help with those shoveling injuries that can happen, keep your fitness levels up and your back, arms and legs strong. Staying healthy and active will make the winter just fly by.

After what might have been a long winter, or at least what may have felt long, getting outside in the spring is a great way to refresh your workout routine. Talk to your trainer to have them build some outdoor exercises into your gym workout. If it’s not raining, add a walk to your daily routine either at lunch or in the evening after dinner, it’s a great way to enjoy the warmer weather, spring flowers and fresh air. Now that the snow is gone, there is no reason not to dust off that bicycle and take it out for a ride. Plan a good route with your trainer with some challenges, will add to your regular workout routine. Keeping fit through the spring will help you eliminate the potential of sore backs when you go to do your spring gardening.

Ahhhh….summer. Warm weather, longer days. Summer is a great time to get outside for some exercises to accompany your gym workouts. There are endless possibilities to get active in the summer. Summer is a good time to join a team. Get active in a baseball, soccer, volleyball, tennis league, etc. It’s a great way to get some exercise while having fun and meeting new people – most of the time it doesn’t even feel like exercise. Summer weather and conditions are great for starting that running program you have always wanted to do. The longer days and drier pavement makes it a lot friendlier to people to get out. Set up a route with your trainer that will challenge you and get some good results. Don’t forget you still need to visit the gym and work with your trainer to do some weight training. A full body workout will work best for a balance of losing weight and improving strength. Always remember, with summer usually comes heat, so make sure you drink lots of water to keep you cool and hydrated.

The leaves are turning and the days a little cooler. What better time to take some of your workout outside. Take a day a week and meet your trainer outside of the gym. Find a fitness trail nearby and do your workout routine. Fall is probably the best time to head out for a hike. Plan a day of it and pick a trail and area to explore. A trail with some hills will help burn more calories, tone your thigh and buttocks and usually gives a spectacular view as well. While the weather is still warmer and the waters not too cold, Fall can be a great time to get out for a paddle on a nearby lake, river, pond. It’s an excellent cardiovascular workout and a good way to keep your arms in shape.

Whatever the season, there is always something new and exciting to add to your workout regime to keep your interest and motivation. Work with your trainer and plan something different each season and keep things fresh to help you stay on track of your goals.


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