» Cooking Tools You’ll Want In Your Kitchen

personal fitnessAs you go about your fat loss diet plan, one thing that you should be thinking about are the cooking tools that could help you make your job easier and help you reduce the fat and calories needed in your meals. If you aren’t using good cooking techniques, this can easily ruin an otherwise perfectly healthy dish, so it’s really something that you must be considering.

Let’s look at a few of the top tools to get into your arsenal.

An Oil Brush

First, pick up an oil brush. These are great for brushing oil onto the foods that you’re preparing for cooking or for simply lining a baking sheet or pan with oil as well.

You’ll often use far less using this technique than if you just drizzle it on, so it can really help with cutting back on your total calorie intake for that meal.

A Steamer

Next, a streamer is a great cooking tool on hand because it’ll allow you to prepare your foods without the addition of any fats, oils, or sauces.

This keeps the calories down and if all you use is fresh herbs and spices, you are pretty much getting your foods in their most natural state.

Steaming food is also very quick and easy and often retains the nutrients in the foods far better than other cooking methods.

A Small Grill

A small grill is the next must-have for the healthy chef you know. This small grill can easily be used to whip up some chicken breasts, vegetables, seafood, or beef and won’t require you turning on the oven. For those very warm days when you definitely don’t want the oven going, this can be a Godsend.

A Food Scale

Finally, the last item that you will definitely want to have on hand in your kitchen is a food scale. A food scale is going to help you make sure you keep your serving sizes in check and is one of the best ways to ensure accurate calorie counting.

Especially when it comes to protein servings, it’s not always so easy to just eyeball and estimate what you’re getting, so a food scale can make this far easier.

So there you have four great kitchen tools to consider adding into your kitchen. With these, you will be able to create very low fat and healthy meals just as you want to see optimal progress.



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