» Choosing Your Interval Length

If you’ve been reading around at various workout approaches aimed to help you burn up body faster than ever before, chances are pretty good that you’ve come across interval training. Interval training is by far the most effective form of cardio that you can do and will help to not only increase your rate of fat burning, but skyrocket your fitness level as well.

This said, you can do intervals of various different durations, so picking and choosing the right one for you will be important.

Let’s go over some things that you should consider when deciding.

Your Fitness Level

fitness - southeast michiganThe first thing to consider is your fitness level. Generally speaking, the shorter the interval duration is, the more intense that interval should be.

As such, if you’re choosing 15-20 second intervals, you need to be in great shape to complete these effectively. For this reason, many people will choose to use slightly longer intervals, closer to the 30-60 second mark when first beginning.

Then as you gain experience, you can shorten them.

Your Goals For Fitness Improvement

Next, also look at your goals for fitness improvement.  If you wish to increase your endurance capacity at all, you’ll want to opt for slightly longer intervals of around 60 seconds in length. These will still be intense as they are intervals, but will train your muscles to work for a longer period of time.

On the flip side, if you want to increase max power and speed, shorter, 15-20 second intervals will be the route to go.

Your Mode Of Training

Finally, the last thing to remember is the mode of training you’re doing. Short intervals are going to require you to accelerate incredibly quickly, so you need to be using an exercise mode that allows for this.

If you take 10 seconds to get to top speed and are doing 20 second intervals, you’re not really completing them as you should. In that scenario, 60 second intervals would likely be the smarter choice.

So keep these quick tips in mind as you select your interval length. When chosen properly, interval training can definitely help you take your progress up a notch.



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