» 3 Tips To Tastier Oatmeal

One of the top carbohydrate sources that you could be including in your diet plan is oatmeal. It’s sugar-free (provided you purchase the plain variety), it’s low in fat, it’s high in fiber, and it even contains a small dose of protein as well.

One of the main reasons why some people fail to make good use of oatmeal however is simply because they don’t like the taste of it.

And, if you have ever had plain cooked oatmeal, you know just how bland and boring it can be.

So, let’s give you three healthy ways to make it tastier so that you can start including it into your daily diet.

Use Coconut Milk

First, if you are on a muscle building diet and require a higher calorie intake, you might consider adding in some coconut milk during the cooking process. This will give it a much creamier taste and enrich it with healthy fats, helping you meet your calorie needs for the day.

Top with a sliced banana or even some pineapple slices and you’ll have a unique breakfast on the go. Note that this dish will still be lower in protein, so you’ll want to add some eggs or protein powder to it as well.

Try Adding Applesauce And Cinnamon

Another lower calorie way to add more taste to it is to stir in some unsweetened applesauce along with a touch of cinnamon.

The applesauce will add some sweetness to it so that you don’t have to be adding sugar into the mix. Cinnamon also can help you regulate blood glucose levels better as well, so you’ll get that added benefit by having it in there.

Stir In Some Natural Peanut Butter

Finally, the last way to make your oatmeal tastier is to stir in some natural peanut butter. This works well with or without protein powder added also and will add some healthy fats to the bowl as well.

If you aren’t a fan of peanuts or are allergic, almond butter or any form of nut butter could be substituted instead.

So next time you wake up in the morning and are looking for something to eat, make sure that you don’t overlook oatmeal. It has so many benefits to offer your diet that you definitely want to be including it into the picture.


2 thoughts on “» 3 Tips To Tastier Oatmeal”

  1. Using almond milk is a good alternative as well. I like adding raisins and almond slivers to mine too


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