» Nutrition Around Interval Training

fitness - southeast michiganYou’ve likely heard before that if you want to see the most optimal results from your cardio training program, interval training is the route to go. No other form of cardio is going to be as beneficial for you to be doing as interval cardio training, so more and more people are fast to jump on the bandwagon.

If you are going to be doing interval training, you need to make sure that you do understand proper nutrition surrounding it however or you could find yourself not getting the results you had hoped for.

Let’s take a quick look at the primary things to know about nutrition for your interval training.

Get In Something 30-60 Minutes Prior To

First, you should never attempt to do interval training completely fasted. This will set you up for an increased risk of muscle mass loss and can also have severely negative impacts on your performance as well.

Instead, you should aim to eat something at least 30-60 minutes before the session is to be completed. You likely don’t want to eat too much sooner than that or you could suffer cramping during the session.

Keep it to a light meal – protein based with a few carbs for glucose.

You don’t need to overload with carbs – especially if you are focusing on weight loss, but some should be taken in.

Treat Post-Workout Like You Would A Weights Workout

Then after the interval training workout is over, do try and get in some good nutrition as soon as possible after.  Think protein and fast acting carbohydrates.

This will help to replenish the muscles and ensure you are recovering optimally.

It’s a must that you give the body what it needs at this time as they have just be depleted of muscle glycogen storage.

Monitor Your Total Calorie Intake

Finally, make sure as you do plan these two meals that you are still monitoring your total calorie intake. You still need to be taking in the right amount of calories in order to get results with regards to your body weight goals, so you may need to cut back at other times during the day to accommodate.

If you fuel your body properly around interval training however, you will see far superior results from the exercise and move one step closer to reaching your goals.


1 thought on “» Nutrition Around Interval Training”

  1. Nice job. A lot of articles discuss food and a lot of articles discuss interval training but few put it together. This is very helpful for those trying to navigate thru the flooded fitness and nutrition information out there.


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