» 4 Breakfast “Do Nots” To Know About

fitness, belleville michiganWhen you wake up in the morning, it’s vital that you fuel your body for the busy day ahead. Far too many people wake up, rush out their door, and run on nothing but caffeine induced ‘fake’ energy.

Then the mid-morning crash hits and all their body wants is a fast source of energy. To provide this, they go in for nothing other than sugar-laden treats.

As you might imagine, this is bad news as far as your body composition is concerned, which is why it’s so vital that you are making sure that you eat a healthy breakfast meal.

To help steer you clear of the common breakfast problems that tend to occur, let’s provide you with a few breakfast don’ts to know about.

Don’t Drink Fruit Juice

First, whatever you do, don’t start your day with fruit juice. This is possibly the biggest mistake that’s commonly made. If you want fruit, go with the real thing – not the juice. Juice is simply too high in sugar to help calm hunger and keep your calories in check.

Don’t Skimp On Protein

Next, also make sure that you aren’t skimping out on protein as well. You should be eating at least a 15 grams in the morning, preferably closer to 20-30. This will help to best balance out your blood glucose levels and provide staying power to get you through the morning.

A low protein breakfast meal is going to leave you reaching for more food very shortly.

Don’t Reach For Convenience Foods

Next, make sure you do not reach for convenience foods such as granola bars, breakfast bars, or worse, a bagel with cream cheese.

Either prepare a healthy breakfast such as a bowl of oatmeal, an egg white omelette, or a breakfast burrito or else eat leftovers from the night before.

Remember that your morning meal doesn’t necessarily have to consist of breakfast related foods. It’s fine to eat foods that you’d normally eat for lunch or dinner as well.

Don’t Forget To Track Calories

Finally, last but not least, make sure you don’t forget to track your calories. You do want to make this a larger meal of the day, but that said, you can’t go overboard or you will gain body fat.

Track your calories and fit it in with the rest of your daily intake.

So there you have the fast tips to know about how to eat well at breakfast. Don’t neglect this meal and you will see better success towards your weight loss goals.


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