» The Consequences Of Dehydration

As you go about putting together your nutrition program, one thing that you should be paying close attention to as well is hydration.

Most people set out their target calorie intake, their macronutrient ratios, and choose good meal timing to ensure that they are staying energized throughout the day.

personal fitness trainer michiganBut when it comes to hydration – that often gets left out of the picture.

Good hydration is a must if you are to feel your best however and sometimes learning the consequences of dehydration can help make it more evident in your mind why this is an absolute must.

Let’s go over what happens if you end up in a dehydrated state.

Your Energy Levels Decline


The very first issue with being in a dehydrated state is that your energy levels are going to decline significantly. Even slight amounts of dehydration can have quite the negative influence on how energetic you feel throughout the day, so this can impact your day to day functioning.

In addition to this, when most people feel the energy decline caused by dehydration, this can lead them to want to eat more food, taking in far more calories than they should.

Your Metabolism Slows

Second, another negative effect of dehydration is that your metabolism will slow down because of it as well. Your metabolic rate is going to be a primary determinant of how quickly you’re shedding off excess body fat, so not something you want moving along sluggishly.

Kick-start your metabolism by hydrating adequately.

You Aren’t As Mentally Fresh

The next problem with lack of hydration is that it will cause you to be less mentally fresh overall as well. You may find that your concentration and focus isn’t as strong as it normally is and you’re constantly feeling distracted as you go about your day.

If you have a very mentally demanding career, you can imagine what this is going to do to your performance.

You May Be Hungrier

Finally, the last issue with lack of proper hydration is that you may find yourself hungrier throughout the day as well. Many people do mistake thirst for hunger, so if you aren’t hydrating as you should, it can become quite the problem.

So there you have the primary things to know and remember about why you must hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Do not overlook this with your meal plan. Build in your fluid intake so that it never becomes a problem.


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