» Four Tips For Better Posture

sit good postureIf you’re working hard in the gym to make some positive changes to how your body looks and feels, you should be seeing great results by now. That said, if you’re not taking care to look after your posture, you may be missing out on half of the results you could be seeing.

Posture is one of the most overlooked issues that many people forget about that can make a significant difference in how you project yourself to others, as well as how slim you look.

Simply straightening up on your posture can take almost 10 pounds off your frame immediately, so it’s not something to forget to address.

Let’s look at four quick tips to help you sustain better posture.

Open Up The Chest

The very first thing that you should do that will instantly enhance your posture is to think of opening up your chest. Squeeze your shoulder blades back and thick of trying to push your sternum forward. That will instantly make you stand up taller.

Use The ‘String’ Technique

Next, also consider using the string technique. With this technique, you’ll want to think like there’s a string attached to the top of your head pulling your body in the upwards direction.

As it pulls upwards, your entire spinal column should move into a better alignment.

Do this periodically throughout the day to help straighten up instantly.

Squeeze The Glutes

Another quick technique you can use while standing in line as you wait anywhere is squeezing the glutes. Not only does this actually help to build strength in the glute muscles, but it’ll shift your hips in the upwards direction, repositioning your back so it’s in better alignment with your spine.

It’s an instant change that can actually prevent lower back pain down the road.

Breathe Upwards

Finally, as you go about your breathing pattern, always think of breathing and expanding your chest upwards rather than just outward from the belly. Those who use belly breaths often find they will feel more fatigued by the end of the day than those who are breathing in deeply through the lunges and moving the body in the upwards direction rather than straight out.

It’ll take a bit of time to get used to this movement pattern but if you use it often enough, you will see great benefits in terms of how you feel and the posture you’re using.

So keep these quick tips in mind and you can ensure that you are maintaining proper posture and moving one step closer to the ideal physique you desire.


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