» Three More Lunge Variations To Liven Up Your Workout

Fitness coach detroit areaFortunately, with a few simple adjustments, you can quickly alter your workout for faster results.

Let’s look at three additional lunge variations that you should consider to liven up your workout session once you’ve mastered the walking lunge, stationary lunge, reverse lunge, and twisting lunges we explained earlier.

Jump Lunges


First consider jump lunges. These are great for boosting our plyometric power and agility, while also improving muscular strength.

Jump straight up, switch your legs mid-air, and then land immediately in the lunge position.

Reverse sides and repeat again.

Half Rep Lunges

Half rep lunges are the second variety that you’ll want to consider. With these, you’ll move into the full lunge position, come halfway back up, pause, go back down, and then complete the full lunge movement pattern once again.

Once that’s finished, move to the next leg and repeat.  Make sure while doing these that you perform them in as slow and controlled fashion as possible as that will ensure that you keep a maximum amount of stress on the muscles working.

If you rush the exercise and just use momentum, you won’t get the full effect and worse, could end up hurting yourself.

Advanced Medicine Ball Lunges

Finally, the last exercise that you should be doing to help reduce boredom and boost results is a medicine ball lunge . This one is a more advanced version of the lunge with a twist we talked about earlier. With this one, you’ll hold a medicine ball in front of you, get into a lunge position, lunge downwards and then on the way up, twist to one side of the body.

Then the next time you’re lunging down, you’ll want to twist to the other side to work both sides of the body equally.

This one will slightly throw you off balance as you perform it, so make sure to do the movement slowly so that you stay in full control the entire time.

So there you have three lunge variations that you should be incorporating into your workout program. If you can get these in place, you will be excellent firming and toning benefits.


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