» Why You Should Consider Adding Barley To Your Diet Plan

One of the top grains that often gets forgotten about in many people’s diets which should be added back in because it is so beneficial is barley.

Barley works great with a number of different dishes yet most people simply overlook it and opt for brown rice instead.

Let’s go over why barley is such a good pick so that you can see why you should be including it.

High In Fiber

The first reason to be adding barley to your diet is because it’s loaded with fiber. Fiber is a requirement for good digestive system health and will also go a long way towards lowering cholesterol. For this reason, it’s a great add to any diet plan.

Plus, the fiber content in barley will make it more satisfying than some other grains you might be eating, so that’s another added benefit to using it more often.

Slow Digestion Time

The next reason to start adding barley more often to your diet is because it has a very slow digestion time. It’s ranked low on the GI index scale, which assesses how fast it will break down and spike your blood glucose level.

The lower the GI is, the longer it’s going to take to break down and digest in the body, thus keeping you satisfied for a longer period of time.

This works great especially when dieting since you will be taking in fewer calories overall.

Keeps Well

Finally, barley also keeps very well, which offers good advantages to those who prefer to cook in bulk. They can easily place it in the fridge and it’ll last a few days with your coming meals. Just be sure to keep it in a sealed Tupperware container, without the addition of any condiments or sauces.

Barley is relatively easy to prepare as well, so something you can easily do while the rest of your food is cooking.

So there you have all the many benefits that barley has to offer. It’s one food that you definitely will want to be taking in often as you go about your diet plan.


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