» Three Must-Do Supersets For Fat Loss Success

fitness trainer, romulus, michiganIf you’re looking to see fast fat loss results, one technique that you should be considering including in your workout program is the superset.

Superset training is ideal for those with this goal set because it will help to increase your metabolic rate, allowing you to burn more calories 24/7.

This way, you can fight fat while you sleep.

Some supersets are slightly better than others though, so taking the time to learn which will be best for you to do will have you heavily rewarded. This way, you can ensure you get the most results for your time investment.

The main points that you want to focus on when doing supersets are that the exercises are hitting the main muscle groups in the body and if you can get any dual benefits between similar muscles between the two, that will provide additional strengthening benefits.

Furthermore, you want to pair together a lower body exercise with an upper body exercise to make sure that fatigue doesn’t get overly high.

Let’s look at the best supersets that you should be doing.

Squats And Bent Over Rows 


The first combo to consider is squats and bent over rows. Squats are going to work all the muscles in the lower body, as well as the lower back and spinal column muscles which will be required for good stabilization and support.

From there, you’ll want to move into bent over rows, which will further work the lower and upper back as well as the bicep muscles.

Make sure while doing these that you do focus on keeping the straight back position however to prevent excessive back pain.

Lunges And Shoulder Press

Next, lunges and the shoulder press are the next superset to consider doing. Lunges are going to hit the glutes, hamstrings, and quads very well, while the shoulders will act as stabilizers for keeping the weight by the body.

From there, move into the shoulder press, which will also work the shoulder muscles to a much larger degree.

Make sure to keep the abs tight while doing the shoulder press to prevent any lower back sway.

Deadlifts And Chest Press 

Finally, deadlifts and the chest press will be the next superset that you’ll want to consider. This superset is going to really work the forearm strength maximally as you’ll need good grip for both of these exercises.

The deadlift will be excellent for targeting the hamstrings and lower back, while the chest press will be good for the chest, shoulders, as well as triceps.

If you can do these three movements, you’ll be getting a very good full body workout in with each session that you do.


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