» Shoulder Injury Prevention Tips

One of the most frustrating times for anyone who’s serious about their fitness program is suffering from an injury. Things are going along great and next thing you know, you’re sidelined and down in pain.

Shoulder injuries are especially common and can be some of the most debilitating injuries that you may deal with, so they should not be overlooked.  Taking steps to prevent them before they start is going to be your best defence against them.

Let’s give you a few quick shoulder injury prevention tips that you should know and apply in your own program.

Always Warm-Up

The very first tip which should be a given but does get overlooked too often is that you must always make sure you are doing a thorough warm-up before starting.

The shoulders contain so many different ligaments and tendons that if no warm-up is being done, you’re at a much higher risk of injury.

Take five minutes and get your warm-up in.

Watch Overhead Movements

Next, also be sure that you are watching any overhead pressing movements you’re doing. This includes a bench press, a shoulder press, an incline press, or a decline press.  The big thing here is to monitor your weight. If you are starting to get too heavy that it’s causing shoulder pain, consider increasing the intensity of the exercise in other manners such as adding more reps or slowing down the movement pattern.

At times, your shoulder muscles may be gaining strength faster than the tendons, so you’ll need to stay back at a lower weight and let them catch up.

Create Balance In Your Workout Routine

Finally, make sure that you also strive for balance in your workout routine. This means making sure that you are monitoring how many shoulder-involved activities you’re doing.

Remember that the shoulders will be relied heavily during many sports such as basketball, baseball, and all racket sports, so if you play any of these, monitor how much weight lifting shoulder work you’re doing as well.

Remember that your shoulders do need down time to rest up and recover.

So there you have the top points to remember so that you can sustain healthy, injury free shoulders. Don’t overlook these or you may find yourself in pain and unable to workout at some point in the near future.


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