» Nutrition Secrets For A Leaner Mid-Section

f you want to get lean and flat abs, you need to know a few of the top nutritional secrets of success. There’s no way around it, getting a flat stomach is just as much about your diet as it is your workout, so you need to be taking care of things there.

Those who aren’t paying attention to their diet plan will never see the abdominal results they’re after, so make sure both are included in the mix.

This said, let’s go over a few secrets to success to implement in your diet plan.

Add Dairy Back In

The first thing that you should do is consider adding dairy back into the picture. Now, if you happen to be lactose intolerant, you’ll want to ignore this tip as it won’t apply to you.

But, if you aren’t, then dairy products can actually help to accelerate fat loss from the abdominal region, so you will want to consider them.

Just be sure to choose lower fat varieties so the calorie count stays down.

Lower Sodium

Next, also make sure that your sodium intake isn’t all that high either. If you’re consuming too much sodium in your diet, this can increase the level of bloating and water retention that you experience, giving you a less than lean look.

Remember that sodium lurks in many places most people aren’t quite aware of. Don’t forget to check all labels of foods that you’re consuming so that there isn’t sodium sneaking by you without you realizing it.

Avoid Too Many Bulky Foods

Another thing that you should consider doing is cutting back on the ‘bulky’ foods that you’re eating. By bulking, we’re talking about very high fiber foods or those that contain a high amount of volume.

Now, this is a bit of a catch-22 because these foods typically are more filling and will assist with the fat loss process. But on the downside, they tend to cause you to bloat up, and this will make your stomach look less flat.

So it all depends on where you are in your approach. If you’re already lean and just dealing with that last bit of stomach bloat, these need to be reduced.

If you still have a lot of body fat to lose and that’s the primary issue – not bloating, then keep them in because they will likely help you stay on track and eat a diet that is lower in calories.

So there you have a few of the top tips to remember on the nutrition front to get a flatter stomach. Remember to drink plenty of water as well as you go about this goal as water will help to flush out bloating as well, making you look that much leaner in the process.

In addition to that, staying well hydrated can also boost your metabolic rate as well, which is imperative for burning up fat quickly as you go about your day.


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