» Breakfast For Dinner – A Great Way To Nourish Your Body

Don’t have time to create your usual dinner meal but still want to maintain your healthy diet? Why not serve up breakfast for dinner?

Many people get stuck in the thought pattern that they must eat pre-determined meals at each point in the day.  In reality though, you could easily serve breakfast foods for dinner and dinner foods for breakfast – it all comes down to personal choice.

Because breakfast foods are typically faster to prepare than dinner foods, having them for your dinner meal on some nights when you’re in a time crunch can be the perfect solution.

Let’s have a quick look at some great breakfast for dinner options.

Poached Egg Whites On Ezekiel Bread

Nothing is faster to prepare than poached eggs, so use this to your advantage on those busy weekday nights.

Simply crack one whole egg and a few whites into boiling water and wait for the whites to turn fully white. Remove them from the water with a slotted spoon and then serve them on top of a few slices of toasted Ezekiel bread.

Bacon And Scrambled Eggs

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Bacon and scrambled eggs is another favorite for breakfast and works great for dinner as well. Use turkey bacon in this recipe to keep the total fat content down and protein content higher and then pair a few slices together with some scrambled egg whites and diced vegetables.

Top the eggs with salsa for an extra dose of antioxidants and then serve this meal with some fresh berries or another fruit of choice.

Lean And Mean Breakfast Sandwich

Finally, the last breakfast-for-dinner meal to consider is a lean and mean breakfast sandwich.

To create this one, simply toast a whole wheat English muffin and then smear with a little low fat mayonnaise. Top with a few scrambled egg whites, a slice of tomato, some cucumber, and then a thin slice of low fat cheddar cheese.

Place each half of the muffin under the broiler to cook and then remove and serve.


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