» The Ab Exercises That Are Wasting Your Time

Serious about getting six pack abs? If so, chances are good that you are religiously doing your abdominal workout training. You are making sure that you hit your ab muscles at least three times per week, hoping that this is going to lead you to see all the success that you’re going for.

But is it really?

If you aren’t careful, you could be burning up precious minutes in the gym that are just not going to bring you the results that you’re looking for.

Let’s have a quick peek at the main abdominal exercises that are quite simply a waste of your time.

Front Crunches

The first problematic exercise that is not going to get you any results that you’re looking for is the front crunch. Front crunches utilize very little overall core activation at all and more than anything, will just strain your neck and back.

Even if you use an ab roller machine, you’re still not going to see optimal progress from doing this exercise. It burns few calories and offers very little in the way of benefits.

Skip over it if you want to see success.

The Sit-Up With A Straight Leg

Moving along, the next abdominal exercise that you’ll want to say so-long to from your workout program is the sit-up with a straight leg.

This movement is one that many beginners use, but most advanced exercises know better. The movement itself is going to call the hip flexors more into play than anything, which is really not going to get you the results that you’re after.

Instead, try a decline sit-up. This will be far more effective for taxing the abdominal muscles you are trying to work.

The Side Bend

Finally, the third exercise to consider is the side bend. The side bend is often done to help reduce the ‘love handles’ you have present, but again, is just not an ideal movement to perform. The side bend could also actually increase the thickness of the waist, which clearly is not what most people are going for at all.

The side bend should be omitted entirely unless you are a male who does want waist thickness for whatever reason. For women, focusing on diet as well as more active core movements such as mountain climbers, running knee raises, or the bicycle will be a far wiser choice.

So keep these exercises in mind and make sure they aren’t taking up time in your core workout schedule.

If they are, it’s time to reconsider them.


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