» Should You Use Creatine?

One question that you may start to wonder as you go about your workout sessions is whether or not you should be adding creatine to the mix.

Many people have heard about creation before but may have the pre-conceived notion that it’s mostly only for those who want to pack on plenty of lean muscle mass in a hurry.

Could creatine be beneficial for your workout performance? Or is this something that you just don’t need?

Let’s have a quick peek at some of the important points to consider.

What Creatine Does

First let’s look at what creatine does.  Creatine is essentially the precursor to the higher energy molecule ATP, which fuels every single muscle contraction that takes place. So when your creatine stores start to fall low in the body, not enough ATP is produced and you may find that you aren’t sustaining the intensity of your workout program as you should.

So by using creatine, you can workout harder and longer in the gym without suffering from the normal fatigue that you otherwise would.

Who Creatine Is Best Suited For

This then means that those who are best suited for using creatine are going to be those who are performing intense muscle contractions.  Intense muscle contractions, like those that take place during weight lifting or sprinting activity, are the ones that are going to burn through the most ATP, so where you are most likely to become depleted.

If you can ensure that you are never running long, you will see far superior performance in all of these activities.

Those who are doing more endurance related activities or those that are much lower intensity won’t see as great of benefit from utilizing creatine simply because they aren’t exhausting their stores of ATP as readily.

For them, they should be able to sustain their workouts over a longer period of time without any trouble at all.

What To Know About Using It

So if you’ve decided that you would like to get started on creatine because perhaps you are suffering from some fatigue and it’s going to cause you to forgo some of your workout session, there are some important things to keep in mind.

First, you should do a loading period where you take twenty grams per day, spread out over four different dosages of five grams each.

This should go on for five days and after that, you would reduce it back to just five grams per day for maintenance purposes.

As you do this though, keep in mind that you will likely retain some water weight, so if you see body weight shoot up, don’t be alarmed.  It will pass if you remember to drink enough water and give it some time.

Your body is just storing excess water at this point – not gaining body fat.

So there you have the key points to know about creatine. It can be an effective supplement for some people but don’t think it’s going to cause you to automatically gain lean muscle. You’ll only see results if you work harder in the gym because you’re using it.


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