» Must-Have Micronutrients For Your Diet

As you go about your diet plan, one thing that you must make sure that you aren’t overlooking is the micronutrients you should be taking in.  It’s easy to let yourself get all caught up in tracking calories and carefully assessing how many grams of proteins, carbs, and dietary fats you’re taking in in on a daily basis.

While these are all going to be essential for determining weight loss success, they are not going to be enough to help ensure that you maintain optimal health and feel your best on a day to day basis.

For that, you need to look a little further.

Let’s go over some of the main must-have micronutrients that you need to make sure you’re getting enough of in your diet plan.


First on the must have list of micronutrients you have calcium.  Calcium is going to be imperative for promoting strong bones and keeping your muscle contractions regular along with helping to maintain beating of the heart.

Calcium comes most concentrated from dairy-rich foods, however can also be found in foods such as the bones of salmon along with spinach.

If you are falling short in calcium, you’re going to be at a much higher risk of muscle cramping as well as potentially osteoporosis down the road.


Moving along, the second micronutrient that you should be making sure that you take in regularly is iron.  Iron is important for maintaining an adequate supply of red blood cells, which are then responsible for transporting oxygen around the body.

If you are falling low in iron, you may find that you’re much faster to fatigue than normal during any workout session that you do, so as you can imagine, this s going to have a significant influence on your progress.

Iron is found most concentrated in red meat sources, however you can also get it from some fortified cereals as well as beans and legumes.


Finally, you’ll also want to make sure that you’re taking in enough potassium as well.  Potassium is going to be a key mineral that helps you sustain proper blood pressure levels and that fuels each muscle contraction that takes place.

Those who are low in potassium also often find that they don’t have as much energy as they normally would during their workout sessions and thus performance may begin to suffer.

Potassium is found most concentrated in fresh fruits and vegetables, which should form a major component of any dieter’s diet plan anyway, so you shouldn’t have to be worried about getting enough.

But, if you are on a lower carb diet plan, you may want to consider using some potassium salt with your meals as these dieters in particular tend to fall short.

So there you have the main micronutrients that you want to be sure you’re taking in as part of your overall diet plan.  Are you missing out on any of these?


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