» The One Exercise Technique That Will Help You Burn More Calories Daily

Tired of going to the gym but not seeing the best results from your workout? One of the top trends that many personal trainers are noting right now is the number of people going at their workouts alone but never seeing the progress they’re after.

They see the same individuals in the gym day after day, doing their workout routine, but they hardly ever look any different from week to week.

This is also what leads many people to sign up to work with a personal trainer in the first place.

If you can learn a few simple techniques for how you should structure your workout program however, you can get past this hurdle and back on to success.

One specific exercise technique that is extremely effective for helping you burn off more calories not only during the session but for hours after its completed as well is a superset.

Let’s look more closely at what this is all about.

What A Superset Is

A superset is essentially where you take two exercises and pair them immediately back to back with each other.  So for instance, you might do a lunge and then move directly into a shoulder press.

Or, you might do a squat and then perform a bench press.  Whatever your chosen mode of exercises are, you’re doing these two movements with no rest in between.

Once both are completed, then you’ll rest for 30 seconds before starting up again.

Exercises To Perform

When selecting the exercises that you’ll want to perform with your supersets, the best advice is to select compound movements as often as possible.  It’s these exercises that are going to help to boost your metabolism the fastest since they’re going to be working so many muscle tissues all at once.

Top compound movements to include are the squat, deadlift, chest press, bent over row, shoulder press, lunge, split squat, or leg press.

While you can use isolation exercises such as bicep curls, tricep extensions, lateral raises, leg extensions and hamstring curls for your supersets and still see results, these tend to be slightly less effective than the former.

Key Points To Know

Finally, last but not least, as you go about introducing the superset into your workout program to help boost your total daily calorie burn, make sure that you aren’t doing all your exercise as supersets. Choose two or three different supersets and then keep the rest as straight sets.

If you overload and do too many, you’ll just find yourself overtrained before you know and quite possibly, injured.  Supersets are intense so you need to strive for balance with them in your workout routine.

So there you have the one technique that’s a must-add to your workout program for faster success.  Always remember that if you are struggling, consulting with a good personal trainer will be your best bet to get your progress moving onwards as fast as possible.


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