» Three Foods For Promoting Lean Muscle Mass Building

If you’re looking to build lean muscle mass now that you’ve burned off some of the body fat that was troubling you before, it’s important that you proceed to make a few simple changes to your diet plan.

Adding the proper foods to your diet is going to help to ensure that you are going to be moving along well with your goals, because if you aren’t eating enough calories, you just won’t see progress.  While with fat loss the goal is to consume fewer calories than maintenance, with muscle building, you want to consume slightly more.

Let’s look at three of the top foods that you should be considering if you want to achieve optimal muscle mass building.


One of the top protein sources to eat when muscle building is the goal is salmon.  Salmon is just as high in protein as many other meats such as chicken or beef but also contains a higher omega fat content, which will boost the calorie level of the protein source while providing you with an essential nutrient needed for the muscle building process.

Salmon isn’t eaten as often on fat loss diet plans because you’ll be turning to white fish more often since it is lower in calories, but for muscle building, you want to get it in as often as possible.

Cottage Cheese

Next, cottage cheese is another great muscle building food to turn to.  The great thing about cottage cheese is that it’s a casein form of protein, meaning it’s going to break down and digest more slowly in the body.

The end result is that your muscles get a steady stream of amino acids over time.  Cottage cheese is also slightly higher in calories than Greek yogurt is, making it an ideal option for those looking to boost their calorie intake.

Raw Oats

Finally, on the carbohydrate side of things, consider raw oats.  Getting enough carbohydrates into your diet is a must when building lean muscle mass as the carbs are what provide the necessary energy for success.

Raw oats are far more calorie dense than cooked oats, which tend to fill you up quickly for few calories, so this will be the superior way to go.

So there you have three of the top muscle building foods that you should be adding to your diet plan on a regular basis if you hope to see maximum success.

Be sure that you aren’t overlooking them as they will make adding the lean muscle mass you desire that much easier.


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