» Exercise And Hunger: What You Need To Know

Exercise And Hunger: What You Need To Know

One thing that you need to take into account as you get started on your exercise program to help lose weight and burn off more body fat is how the workout you’re doing is impacting your hunger level.

Hunger is something that can throw many people off their diet altogether and if you aren’t eating right, it’s not really going to matter what you’re doing in the gym, you are not going to be seeing the results you’re after.

So how does exercise impact hunger? Let’s look at a few of the key points that you should know.

High-Intensity Cardio And Hunger

The first form of exercise to consider is your high intensity interval training. Most people will find that this form of exercise reduces hunger as the body is working out so intensely that appetite just disappears.

But, take caution. Too much of this exercise will increase your hunger level, so balance must be maintaining.  Aim for two to three sessions per week, which shouldn’t cause hunger issues for most people.

Weight Lifting And Hunger

The second form of exercise to take into account is weight lifting.  For the most part, weight lifting will increase your hunger level slightly, especially for carbohydrates as you must replenish used up muscle glycogen, but, if you eat properly, you will eat enough food to cover your needs and will experience a faster metabolic rate because of the exercise session.

As such, you won’t be at risk for fat gain.  You’ll eat more, but you’ll burn more as well, so you’ll still come out ahead.

Just be sure that you aren’t doing ultra-high volume weight lifting workouts when seeing fat loss results because that more than anything is what will cause issues with hunger.

Moderate Intensity Cardio And Hunger

Finally, the last form of exercise is the moderate intensity cardio training that goes on for hours each week. This is the worst form of exercise to do if you’re concerned with hunger because most people will eat back just as much as they burned off, if not more while doing this form of exercise.

This makes this cardio workout very ineffective for producing fat loss results, so unless you have strong willpower and can still maintain that lower calorie diet regardless of hunger, you are best avoiding it.

Too much exercise will make you want to eat all day and that’s precisely what effect this cardio has on you.

So there you have the key things to keep in mind regarding your exercise routine and hunger. If you stick to more intense forms of exercise and still make sure to sustain good balance in your program, taking enough time off for rest and recovery, you shouldn’t have any issue maintaining control over your food intake.


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