» Four Workout Mistakes That Could Prevent You From Fat Loss Success

If you are seeking fat loss success, getting a good workout program in place will be a must.  The workouts you do are going to help to boost your metabolic rate, improve your lean muscle mass retention, and ensure that you are looking tone and defined as you lose the weight, not soft and flabby.

Yet, many people are still making a few critical errors as they go about their workout, so it’s vital that we clear those up so that you can make sure you steer clear of them.

Let’s look at what you should know.

Doing Only Cardio Training

The very first error you might be making is focusing strictly on cardio training.  Some people come to believe that cardio is the exercise to do for fat loss while weight lifting is the exercise to do for muscle building.

Nothing is further from the truth.  Weight lifting is a far superior form of exercise for fat loss, so getting it in is a must.

Working Out Seven Days A Week

Another big mistake that many people make is working out seven days a week. Remember, your body does need time to rest and repair, especially when eating a reduced calorie diet.

At this point, you aren’t providing a lot of fuel for recovery purposes, so if you aren’t providing rest either, you’ll really be in for some trouble.

You should always have at least one day off each week from all exercise if not two.

Lifting Light Weights

The next vital mistake that some people make is turning to very light weights in their weight lifting program.  The thought behind this concept is that by using light weight and high reps, they’ll take their calorie burn up higher during the workout, helping move fat burning along.

Sadly, this isn’t the case.

You should be focusing on heavy weight more often because it’s heavy weight that will help you maintain your lean muscle mass, stroking your metabolic rate in the process.

Never Changing Things Up

Finally, the last big mistake that some people make is never changing their workout around.  Remember, your body is highly adaptive and if you’re doing the same workout day in and day out, you aren’t going to be making any progress forward.

Once your body can do a given workout, it’ll just maintain the status quo.

In order to move forward and see faster progress, you need to give the body a reason to do so.  Add a new exercise, do more reps, or change the order of your exercises around.

Just do something to evoke change and you’ll see faster success because of it.

So there you have the top mistakes that you must make sure you’re not making in your workout program. If you are making any of these, it’s high time you changed something around.


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